Nudes, Scuba Divers and Skateboarders: Food Art at Basel

Categories: Food Art
California-Art Basel 2010 054.JPG
Art Basel, which ended over the weekend earned top dollar and, we hope, signaled a turnaround in both the local and national economies. Hell even the Wall Street Journal seems to think so. The special Saturday art walk was jammed, but my favorites were the fairs at Red Dot and Art Miami, the latter of which has become a monstrosity. Even food art drew some highbrow notice. The work of David Datuna, at left wasn't high art, but made me laugh. See the jump for more food fun.

California-Art Basel 2010 058.JPG
...but fascinating up close.
California-Art Basel 2010 055.JPG
California-Art Basel 2010 056.JPG
Not Datuna, maybe Dasoda
California-Art Basel 2010 057.JPG
Boring from afar at Red Dot....
California-Art Basel 2010 059.JPG
Diving in yolk

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