Burger King Gives 2,688 Kinects, Who Says the K Ain't Santa?

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Last month, Burger King gave away 2,688 Xbox Kinect packages. Why such an odd number? The company was delivering one prize package every fifteen minutes throughout November.

When purchasing select products, you'd be given a code which you would then enter online. And presto! If you were the lucky wiener--you'd get a Kinect, an Xbox 360, a couple of games, and bragging rights. Now, we hadn't heard of this until today--and we don't know why BK failed to hype this up crazy-style -- but there's still a chance of winning, even though the local contest was over on November 28.

The competition now begins in Japan. So, Japanese Burger Kings will be giving away...wait. No, in Japan there will only be twenty packages given away. And...you have to purchase the BK Party Set (basically, a smorgasbord) to receive a code. And...you have to be in Japan.

Whatever...I'm a Playstation girl anyway.

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