Vida's Breakfast Buffet Leaves Fontainebleau with Egg on the Face

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John Zur
On a Sunday morning, Vida, Fontainebleau's three-meal contemporary cafe, serves a breakfast from seven until noon. Swirls of mostly hotel guests are up and about between buffet tables. We were greeted and our reservation was recognized with efficiency; this was the smoothest part of our meal.

Escorted to our circular table, we were left in the hands of a server who did little more than ask if we'd like coffee or orange juice. He even got my simple "no" to coffee wrong when he poured me a cup and left the pot in front of me.

We bypassed the cold buffet, which included items such as cereal and fruits including watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple. There was also smoked salmon, and grilled vegetables. The hot buffet was more plentiful and the items were presented well on the counter top, under heat lamps. Unfortunately, items were not replenished conscientiously.

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John Zur
The house-made pastries, also presented under heat lamps, were excellent. They included a double chocolate muffin and crisp croissants dusted in powdered sugar and covered with almond slivers. The same almond slivers were on the majority of pastries including cheese-filled ones with cherries or pear. The omelet station was in the middle of the buffet, which confused the flow of traffic. Had we known our egg-white omelet with mushrooms, spinach, and Swiss cheese would come out oily and bland, we wouldn't have waited; we'd have let the scrambled eggs suffice; they weren't terrible.

The chicken sausage with raisins was the best meat available. The bacon wasn't bad. The fritatas, with vegetables and ham, were decent. The roasted potatoes were dry and bland. The eggs Benedict, which were gone the first time we passed through the line, were fair. I asked for eggs Florentine and was told to check at the omelet station. Only, the cook at the omelet station couldn't understand what I was asking for and simply said no.

The best part of the meal, aside from the chicken sausage, was the fresh squeezed orange juice. It's a shame our server shafted one of our party by offering juice and not returning. Quoted $25 for the breakfast buffet over the phone, we received a bill for $28 plus tax and 18% service charge. I promptly spoke with the manager and protested the automatic gratuity. Telling him how lousy our meal was, he didn't offer anything to make amends aside from wiping the tip off the check.

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