A New Local Website Hopes to Compile Food Truck Locations Nationwide

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More food truck mania on the web! (Don't expect it to stop any time soon.) So, what to do if, even though you're following all your favorite trucks on Twitter, you don't get to stay logged in all day for the scoop? How about a website that conveniently lists the day's truck roundups, or the location of each individual truck on any given day?

Well, Short Order does the former, and Burger Beast is doing a great job on both, but another, new Miami-based site hopes to enter the fray. Recently launched FoodTruckLocater is a labor of love for food truck fan Artie Ayala, who owns the web design company Omni Media Group by day and whose wife works for Food Cart U.S.A.

The site aims to collect all of a region's truck Twitter feeds in one page, so you can view them all at once in one place. However, aiming beyond Miami, Ayala invites all food trucks nationwide to submit their information. So far, beyond Florida there are entries for mobile operations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Santa Barbara, California.

The page also compiles videos of past food truck events, and hopes to list food trucks for sale and other useful resource links for current or would-be truck owners. What's more, Ayala would like to stress that listings, and even display advertising, is totally free for all food trucks. (Other vendors can buy ads for a small yearly fee.) "As they submit their trucks we'll add widgets for Twitter for each truck so they can be found under each city and state," Ayala says.

So far, he's manually added Latin Burger, Churromania, Dolci Peccati, the Red Truck, the MexZican Gourmet, Latin House Grill, Miso Hungry, Jefe's Original, Yellow Submarine, the Slow Food Truck, and Grillmaster Cafe. But there are certainly many more currently on the streets, so visit foodtrucklocater.com to get yours added. Why not? It's free.

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foodtrucksmap.com/miami has a realtime map of the miami food trucks. This site trumps all of the other food truck sites because its very accurate and up to date, plus they have an awesome iphone app.


That foodtrucklocater site really sucks. Hard to navigate.


This is more of a Twitter Roundup not a food truck locator. The folks over at Miami Food Trucks have a much nice twitter roundup. Go check them out: http://www.miami-food-trucks.c...

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