Baja Fresh Opening In South Beach; Let The Mex Wars Begin

The national Baja Fresh Mexican Grill chain has been around since 1990, and has two locations in Miami-Dade: At 1021 S Miami Ave. and at 220 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. The corner of Washington Avenue and 12th Street in South Beach, former home of Michael Schwartz's Afterglo, will house Miami Baja numero tres. One particular blogger at Short Order will not be happy.

Baja's address is 1200 Washington Avenue. At 1236 Washington is Pepper's Burrito Grill. Lime Mexican Grill is at 14th Street and Alton Road. Taco Rico is two blocks north of Lime, while Tacontento and El Rancho Grande are also situated nearby.

Smart money says that Lime will be standing after some of the others are squeezed out. Right?

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We need a Chipotle in South Beach!


Believe it or not I wrote Chipotle and suggested they open at the spot on Washington where there now is a 7 eleven.  Spot is across from my business and I looooove their burritos ;) Still hoping...for them to open somewhere nearby.

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