Green Mobility Network's Bike And Picnic This Saturday

Photo by jHop99
Last year's Redland Ramble
How about biking through the Redland and ending with a freshly prepared lunch? The Green Mobility Network is holding its Redland Ramble bike ride on Saturday, January 29. It's more fun than you think and a nice escape from Miami.

The group, which "promotes cycling, running and walking for transportation, leisure and fitness," organized a similar ride in Homestead last year but this year's picnic lunch is new.

"Last year we had a variety of stops that included food," said John Hopkins, one of the Green Mobility Network's founders. "This time we wanted to highlight organic foods."

Stops during the 14-mile leisurely bike ride include Bee Heaven Farm, Redland Herb Farm and Andre's Fish Farm, where bikers who choose the lunch option will enjoy a chicken or fish (whole tilapia) lunch, local salad and local fruit juices.

Few tickets are left so reserve soon if you want to attend and check the Green Mobility Network's Facebook page for more information.

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