Biscayne Triangle Truck Round-up Cancelled, Searching for New Location

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​One of the largest food truck meet-ups in the state will find a new home this week due to complaints from neighbors of the 109th Street and Biscayne Boulevard location. The Biscayne Triangle Truck Round-up, which meets every Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 10 p.m., will take a week off to work with the Miami-Dade police department and county commissioners to find a more fitting space for the popular traveling food court.

Short Order spoke with BTTR's organizer Jack Garabedian, owner of Jefe's Original Fish Taco and Burgers, to clarify some details.

New Times: How long have you been at that spot?

Jack Garabedian: I've been at that spot since August, but inviting everybody there to make it the BTTR, which is the Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup, it's been about two months now.

What's the situation that's making you have to move?

What's happening is that it's getting very popular, and there's a lot of people coming to the event. The event is bringing probably anywhere from 400 to 800 people on that Tuesday. And what's happening is it's impacting the area that's around it. Some of the neighbors are complaining. I've done everything I can. I tried to get the parking situation taken care of, but there are still a few neighbors that are giving some flack. So, before we get any violations, which we don't have any violations at this time, I've decided to close the location, so we can find a different place that's going to suit us, and get bigger and better.

Are you looking in that area?<

I want to keep it up in that area, because there are other roundups I'd like to do and put them in different parts of town. So, this Tuesday would be for that area right in there, since it's been so popular.

When do you think you'll have it up and running again?

I'd probably would say it should be just missing a week. If things kind of fall through, it might be two weeks, but I think we're going to come right back at it and even have more trucks out there next time. We were trying to get the K-Mart spot, but there was a corporate thing there so they declined, so we're looking at another spot that's maybe about 20 blocks away.

Who's working with you guys on this?

Commissioner Sally Heyman, she's been very good. We've been working with the police department, and we've been working with the top dogs there, that's going to be Major Mark Jeter and also Lieutenant Vanessa Cook, and they've all been great. I mean they've been fantastic actually. So, under their recommendations, I feel that we should close BTTR for this week. Also, on a flip note, it's been a bad week for police officers because of the two slayings that happened, so they're in mourning and I don't want to put any more undue stress on them. I'm sure they've got a lot on their plate.

Will there be any changes when you get to the new location?

Pretty much, as far as getting local trucks and bringing in new trucks every week, that's kind of what our trademark was. Also our trademark is to be the largest in the state. We're going to be bringing in more trucks. We will, at the new facility that we will have. What we're also looking into are bathroom facilities, you know Porta Potties, and some picnic areas. Or perhaps a nice grassy area where people feel comfortable and not a dirt, rocky area where it's hard to walk in shoes.

Short Order will report the new location as soon as it's announced.

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Anne R
Anne R

I hope you come back to the area very soon. We love you guys!

Jed Thompson
Jed Thompson

Thank You Jack! If I can help please don't hesitate to ask me. I have a great venue for you but it is in Broward County. 595&441 Great Spot everything we need, full bar, bathrooms, swimming pool, tennis courts, tables and even a kick ass tiki hut!Jed

John Kimble
John Kimble

Shame they had to move. Went to the Wynwood Meetup Saturday night and had a blast. Was looking forward to this one.

Food truck lover
Food truck lover

only in miami would people complain about this. the fact that not only are these people hardworking, independents, offering great fresh food, but it's such a great way for folks to be able to pick up food on the way home, meet other people and give an area a sense of community. but it's ok that people are standing in the street selling bottles of water, limes, doughnuts, all liabilities to the cars that are trying to not hit them as they dodge in and out of traffic.

Howie at Sky Pulse Media
Howie at Sky Pulse Media

Greetings. I am a marketing out of NY who is heavily involved in the Los Angeles/Orange County Gourmet Food Truck scene via one of my clients www.chunknchip.comWe have a Thursday night lot in Fullerton called the Chuck Wagon Stop that is at an AMF Lanes Bowling Alley with a huge parking lot. That could be an option for Jack.

But my real reason for commenting is K-Mart has allowed a truck lot in Carson. They pay money to the K-Mart (each truck pays a fee). So it might be worth bringing that up with K-Mart since obviously they can hold the car traffic.



I'll travel let me know! that's how the Vatos roll!!!

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