Cookies of the Apocalypse: Eating the End of Days

Mayan munchies: death and destruction make us hungry.
As you already are well aware, the end of the world is coming very soon. The Mayan calendar kinda just ends on December 12, 2012, which is not tomorrow, but you know, it's hovering frighteningly close in time. Psychic Edgar Cayce saw us entering into a "New Age" around now, with shifting poles and massive earthquakes. Recently birds were dropping on people's heads and fish were flinging their dying bodies ashore, not just in Arkansas where, you know, it makes sense that birds and fish would want out, but all over the world.

The horsemen are coming, so we might as well greet them with some snacks. In order to ease our anxiety about The End, we decorated some sugar cookies in the forms of our fears to help us make productive the signs of a nearing apocalypse.

​When you're waiting for the end of the world, you don't have time to spend money on things like ingredients for homemade cookies or a rolling pin. Store bought cookie dough works great when rolled flat with a water bottle, and you can get some decent shapes with the use of a butter knife.

​Cookies are pretty much the easiest and fastest treat you can make at home, which is great given the limited time we have left on earth.

​The cheapest thing to do about decorating your cookies is to buy some Smarties or M&Ms and get some pre-made frosting, or make it with powdered sugar and water, and dye it with food coloring.

You'd be surprised how productive and creative people get when they know the date of their impending death. These cookies will take your breath away, you know, cause you're gonna die.

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Stuffing yourself with cookies while waiting for your death would surely make you fat on your deathbed. But who would care anyway if everybody will die...


This is a good way of diverting fear and anxiety towards the end of the world. But it's pretty scary though.


very clever and funny! ... and slightly scary ... :)


OMG love the mushroom just looks so delicious!

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