Food Trucks Unveil New Vegetarian Options For This Saturdays' Wynwood Truck Roundup

Photo by Lee Klein
Sakaya Kitchen's gingery brussel sprouts.
Those averse to hot, griddled flesh and feeling left out of the food truck trend would do well to head to Wynwood this Saturday. The latest edition of this new weekly street food court, organized by Richard Hales of Sakaya Kitchen/Dim Ssam a Gogo, promises a few new meatless treats from the city's most popular food trucks.

First off, despite the pork- and duck-heavy nature of many of its main dishes, Hales' Dim Ssam a Gogo truck has long featured a diverse selection of sides for anyone who loves their greens. (Cruciferous vegetables, and no French fries proper, from a truck!) The addictive, gingery signature brussels sprouts and spicy tater tots return as usual, but the spread widens with the vegan-friendly additions of Napa kimchi, Swank Farms pole beans, and even Swank Farms cauliflower. If you do the lacto-ovo thing, there are also kimchi egg rolls.

Meanwhile, newcomer MexZican Gourmet will proffer huitlacoche quesadillas, and Latin Burger will unveil an adobo portabella mushroom sandwich. Jefe's will serve an off-menu vegetable taco, and the Fish Box will serve up a side dish of black-eyed pea fritters.

For those who eat fish, the options get wider: Pretty much all of the Fish Box will do, as will as Jefe's beloved fish tacos. MexZican will also sell truffle and cod empanadas.

Meanwhile, some trucks participating are naturally (lacto-ovo) vegetarian friendly, Hales points out: Ms. Cheezious and Cheeseme, obviously. The Feverish frozen treat crew also always offers a few dairy-free ice pops made from local fruit.

Remember, dollars talk -- so if you want to see these veg-friendly items stay on the menus (mmmm, cauliflower), check it out and vote with your wallet. The Wynwood truck roundup takes place on Saturday, January 22 from 6 to 11 p.m. at 210 NW 22nd Ln., Miami.

Beyond Saturday's event, there are a number of vegetarian (and even vegan) options aboard some of the city's most popular trucks. Check Short Order later today for our master list of regularly available meatless items around Miami's mobile food scene. Update: Check that post here. 

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Bleeding Palm
Bleeding Palm

Sakaya Kitchen's brussel sprouts are no joke. Delicious.

Robert Frank
Robert Frank

that is one awesome picture............if you're hungry for dog shit

Arielle Castillo
Arielle Castillo

The stuff on top is delicious fresh ginger :) Give the sprouts a try and you will forgive all poor photography.

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