Pop Culture Fun With Custom Cakes From Sweetness Bakeshop

Local food truck aficionados by now are likely well aware of the Sugar Rush truck, now a happy aqua-blue fixture at pretty much every local street food court. So far, it's the only all-dessert truck on the road (unless you count Dolci Peccati or Feverish, who specialize in frozen treats only).

The treats aboard are, of course, delicious. (Our own Lee Klein named its $3 coconut-white chocolate bomb his favorite palate-refresher at last week's BTTR Food Truck Roundup). But dessert addicts would do well to visit the brick-and-mortar business that spawned the truck, Sweetness Bake Shop & Cafe. It's a welcoming, pastel piece of sweetness and light, and, awww, it's a family affair, run by Stephanie Diaz-Perez with partners J.C. Perez (her husband), Yamile Diaz (her mother), and Danny Diaz (her brother).

Certain items -- "Cake 'N Shakes," regular milkshakes, deep-fried desserts, and dessert waffles -- can only be found on the Sugar Rush truck. But only at Sweetness itself can you order from the full spread of cupcakes, other desserts, and even savories (more on that later this week.)

It's also where you can order their distinct custom cakes. Setting them apart from the rest of the tiered-fondant-ribbon pack is their visual style. Sweetness can do elegant and restrained, sure, but its most fun creations are distinctly kid-friendly, with bold colors and nods to pop culture.

"We love to do children's cakes; there's so much to draw inspiration from," says Diaz-Perez. "One of my favorites, and one of the ones that has been requested the most, is a two-tier Minnie Mouse-inspired cake, complete with matching cupcakes. I've lost track of how many times we've recreated that cake since putting the photo on our promotional materials."

That Minnie Mouse one is great, but some of the other best ones definitely appeal to overgrown kids. Here are 10 of our favorites. Call 305-271-7791, visit sweetnessbakeshop.net, or visit the store at 9549 Sunset Drive for more details on ordering.

The famous Minnie Mouse cake/cupcake combo

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Sweetness Bakeshop & Cafe

9549 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL

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Even the little bit of flour residue that transfers from the pans to the cake while baking can throw off the flavor. Cocoa has the same non-stick properties with the added advantage of only transferring more chocolate flavor to your perfect chocolate cake.

Mandy Baca
Mandy Baca

I found my new cake shop! Pretending my birthday's this weekend.

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