The Randazzos Discuss Departing the Water Club

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Andrea Curto-Randazzo is one of Miami's best known chefs, and the restaurant she ran with her husband Frank, Talula, was for years one of Miami Beach's finest eating establishments. Last year, they left to help start a new venture -- as executive chefs of the Water Club in North Miami Beach.

Yesterday, the couple confirmed they had left the Water Club due to differences with management and ownership. "I'd give them a very short shelf life," said Frank Randazzo, speaking of the Water Club. "What they are doing just isn't working. The management isn't capable of getting [the employees] to do good work."

The couple, who live in Miami Shores didn't name names and a call to the Water Club wasn't returned Thursday. The Randazzos will continue running a catering business, Creative Tastes, but, added Andrea, "I am itching to get back into a kitchen."

The Water Club always seemed to me a bizarre place for the Randazzos to work. It didn't have the boutique feel of their prior restaurant and the food was not particularly creative. "It wasn't a gastronomic project," says Frank. "It was more a neighborhood, casual, happy hour kind of place."

Given the economy, he added, that seemed a better approach than a restaurant like Talula, where diners pay $100 per person and there are only a couple profitable nights a week.

"We all need a restaurant we can go to and relax," said Frank. "Something for everyone was the premise, but it was never conveyed that way by management."

"What Andrea and I do next will be more casual and approachable," he added.

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The Water Club - CLOSED

3969 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, FL

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Past patron
Past patron

What a shame! My husband and I were there last year and had a wonderful experience - food, service, ambience was just right. Last night we went back and we were sorely dissapointed. My husband was looking forward to having the pork which was fantastic last time, but it "wasn't available" and our waiter got my order wrong and then arrogantly asked me "Is there a problem?" and then informed me that I had ordered the snapper, not the salmon! This after waiting 20 minutes for two drinks (there were 3 other couples in the entire place). Finally, after realizing his tip was plummeting by the second, he forced himself to tell me it was his mistake. So sincere. When I finally got my order, it was great, but by then my husband had already eaten his burger, which was awful. The incompetent, rude service combined with the deafening "music" made for a terrible evening. The manager made an attempt to be diplomatic, but after the experience we had I was more than a little surprised that not even a glass of wine (I had two) was taken off the check. When I found out the Randazzos were no longer there it gave me pause, but I thought if at least the chefs were still there, it would be allright.Unfortunately, the Randazzos are correct - this place does seem to have a short shelf life.


Help me, O Lord - formal/casual s**t ... it's great/mediocre stupid!

Concerned Eater
Concerned Eater

how interesting that the randazzos would say management wasnt doing a good job. werent the randazzos part of that very management team until a few days ago?

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