Dunkin' Donuts' "Cupid's Choice" A Valentine's Day Let Down

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John Zur
Dunkin Donuts is peddling a curious, heart-shaped sweet. There are two variations of the "Cupid's Choice" (99 cents each): chocolate with a raspberry jelly filling and vanilla with a custard filling. The latter is painted with a strawberry frosting. The thing had a stale, dry taste that couldn't be masked by the melting strawberry frosting or annoyingly sweet custard.

Now, Short Order is all for romance, but when a company that runs 10,000 stores in 31 countries tries to get soft at heart, it gives us indigestion. We mean, last year these guys sold $7.7 billion in fatty dough and mediocre coffee. Ain't no love there. Hell, even Krispy Kreme has less cash and more love.

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Small Town Police Chief
Small Town Police Chief

and your taste is "off " from the rest of us..... Everybody has different genes, I'm guessing yours (the article's author) are a mutation.. Just tried one and am going on Facebook next to sing it's praises. That stale taste you mention, mimics the exact same taste of one of those heart shaped candies with love messages written across them..<3. The combination of custard, frosting, sprinkles and pastry itself, tastes just like a big heart candy... How do they do that?

PS. In a blind taste test on the Today show with coffee experts judging, DD's coffee came out number one. They use very good beans btw. The relatively small amounts of acid are what cause the mellowness you seem to deride. Oh, well, everyone has their own tastes...


This is so terribly written. Wow. Editors, hello? This is embarrassing.

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