Live Eels and Dead Gators Sold At International Wal-Marts

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Looks like Gary Busey found a second career.
Wal-Mart, with the approval of First Lady Michelle Obama, recently announced it would introduce healthier foods. Store brands will eliminate trans fats and reduce sugar, artificial colors and sodium. This is a positive step.

What many people don't know is that Wal-Mart owns and operates over 4,000 stores in more than  15 different countries and that the foreign places stock their shelves with local goodies not found in the American stores. So while the Wal-Marts here in Miami are loaded with white bread, sugary cereals and canned stews, Beijing locations offer a totally different experience. Here are some food items at International Wal-Marts that you're not likely to find at your neighborhood store anytime soon:


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Flickr/David Thiel

Walmart China sells live eels and fish for food. At least you know they're fresh.

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Flickr/Flippy Whale 

Wal-Mart China has pig feet for sale. What's disturbing is that the feet are out on display for anyone to touch, like we display bananas. Are you supposed to squeeze a pig foot to see if it's ripe or something?


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Flickr/Jeff Beam

 It's Florida so it's not uncommon to go out to The Everglades and enjoy a boat ride and some gator bites. But when was the last time you saw a whole gator in the fish department at Publix? I'll guess....never.


walmart frogs.jpg
Flickr/David Thiel

These little live froggies are not waiting to be turned into princes, theyll become lunch. My question is why don't they jump out of the tank and wreck havoc all over the store?


walmart turtle.jpg


 The last turtle standing. He looks so would be too if you knew your family were sold to make soup.



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