Rush Limbaugh to Michelle Obama: You're No Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

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Chubby radio ranter Rush Limbaugh called out First Lady Michelle Obama for eating ribs with her daughters while on a ski break in Vail, Colorado.

Rush said that while the nation's number one mom wants everyone to "basically eat cardboard and tofu. No calories, no fat, no nothing -- gotta stop obesity," she's chowing down on some decadent rib action at scores of calories a serving.

But wait -- it gets weirder. Rush then says that Michelle doesn't exactly look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or a chick that Alex Rodriguez would bang, either.

He then concludes that while kids in America are "living in food deserts" and hanging out at the mall looking for drops of leftover papaya juice from the Orange Julius stand, Michelle is eating ribs and skiing in Vail (as the Liberal elite are, apparently, prone to do).

The most burning question we have from this Limbaugh tirade is - is Orange Julius still around and do they now serve ribs? Listen to Rush call out Michelle after the jump.

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You pray for people like Rush Limbaugh. Remember... all the negative thoughts and actions one sends out comes back in some negative way. It's called "cause and effect". If Rush finds the light of God, he could be a dynamic force for good. I pray that one day he will find light and understanding.

The Foodie Gossip
The Foodie Gossip

Michelle Obama looks healthy and any man that thinks that a swimsuit model's body is normal should seek therapy. Thank god the rest of the world doesn't see through Rush Limbaugh's twisted eyes: http://foodiegossip.blogspot.c...

Ben Arrowood
Ben Arrowood

Like Rush has got room to talk. He is as fat as he ever was and he misquoted the calories in what she was eating. According to Inside Edition, the restaurant said that what Mrs. Obama was eating, the short ribs, had 600 calories, not the 1,575 calories that Rush said that it had. She has a nice shape. Rush needs to strip down to his underwear and look at himself in a full length mirror and maybe get himself a good psychiatrist because he has been losing it a lot lately.


Be nice are obese...and on your 4th wife...Let's see you on the cover of any magazine in a tiny are jealous...smoke your cigars and eat all the meat you want and quit being rude....

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