SBWFF 2011: Tasty Libations at Moonshine's Shine & Swine

All photos by Paula Niño
There was more shine than swine at last night's Original Moonshine Shine & Swine party at the W Hotel. Not that we needed much more food after stuffing ourselves at the Burger Bash, but anyone expecting much food likely left disappointed. There was plenty to drink, however, as the W's pool cabanas were transformed into bars serving moonshine libations.

A peach julep got us started, the bootleggers punch made us happy but our favorite of the night was the shine blossom, a concoction of lavender syrup, lemon juice, chocolate bitters, lemon-thyme foam, angostura bitters and Moonshine.

We spotted chefs and TV personalities Jamie Oliver, Rachael Ray, Art Smith and Rick Moonen, hanging out in VIP cabanas. We eventually spotted some food, too. Servers with trays of a tasty medianoche sandwich created by master BBQ chef, Adam Perry Lang, tried to serve the sandwich to the crowd but they didn't get very far out into the pool before their trays were emptied. A better bet was to head to the station of Solea chef, Michael Gilligan, who served a pretty good confited cochinillo.

A little rain had the crowd seeking cover but as we knew, the harmless drizzle didn't last more than a minute.

A Moonshine truck greeted guests at the entrance
Prohibition is over
John Cusimano, Vincent De Paul and Rachael Ray
Handing out pure Moonshine
Moonshine master distiller, Chuck Miller
Shine on!
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The W Hotel South Beach

2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Dan Ziering
Dan Ziering

I saw so many amazing chefs, tv personalities, and legit actors. It was a Boot leggers delite. I got to speak to Vincent De Paul. He is a celeb from LA in town and was orginally from Miami Beach baby.. De Paul was very down to earth. He said, "I like returning to this tropical paradise and chatting with Rachel Ray her husband who's a fan of Mad Men and all the models." He also said he just came back from Sundance for his film "WALK A MILE IN MY PRADAS" Love the title!!!! Also he wrapped on a film called "SILVER CASE" were he costars with Eric Roberts(The Expandables)cool actor. He said he was down here to read for the 70's show CHARLIE'S ANGELS. HECK YA!!! So all in all he was really nice to actually talk to a workin actor with no attitude who has been in the biz for like 15 years or so.. NICE!! The girls tits on the back of the truck of Moonshine were sexy as all heck..... I will be back for more of that corn made WHISKEY known as MOON SHINE.


Solea Chef Steven Acosta prepared the best pork dish of the night!!!!


Nice tits great push-up bra!!


Actually they were fake as hell but they did draw a crowd

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