Whistle Stop Food Truck Rodeo: Trains and Trucks

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It was no surprise that the Dolci Peccati gelato truck was the busiest spot at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum this Saturday. The Whistle Stop Food Truck Rodeo introduced visitors, most of whom were pint-sized and ice cream crazy, to the delights of mobile meals. Families were picnicking on the grass and benches, enjoying the pleasant weather, awesome exhibitions, and available cuisine.

Located by Zoo Miami, the museum is an impressive venue featuring, among other super cool things, the Ferdinand Magellan presidential railcar and the Silver Crescent passenger car. Visitors can weave their way around trains, old Metrorail cars, through a medical car, and even take a short choo-choo ride. There's a big shaded sand box for the little kids and plenty of room to wander about. The marriage of Gold Coast Railroad Museum and food trucks seems a delightful one for the whole family, who can enjoy a day outside with everything taken care of -- food, bathrooms, parking, history, and shade.

Participating trucks included G & C Catering, Chipstix, Yellow Submarine, The Rolling Stove, Caza Crepes, Jefe's Original, Dolci Peccati, Grill Master Cafe, Miso Hungry, and Funnel Cakes.

Even the tiniest visitors will enjoy Gold Coast Railroad Museum.
Food truck round-ups bring families together.
Batter up?
Little gals need food, too.
They scream for ice cream or gelato.
Crunchy treats.
Explore the interior of some of the trains for a spooky glimpse of the past.
There's plenty of time for playtime.
The Gold Coast Railroad Museum is truly a neat looking place and definitely worth the drive.

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Gold Coast Railroad Museum

12450 SW 152nd St., Perrine, FL

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To all the food trucks thanks! You helped in creating a family fun day or event I should say. I am excited to see how much more fun the next event in April will be. Also to Liz Tracy thanks so much for the positive blogging and hope to see you at the next round up in April!

Thanks from all of us here at Goald Coast Rail Road


Totally missed mentioning our participation in this wonderful event...

The MexZican Gourmet Team


The Whistle Stop Food Truck Rodeo will happen every first Saturday the museum is free and plenty of free parking. For the month of March Thomas Train will be featured for more info on that event contact the museum directly. The Whistle Stop Food Truck Rodeo will resume on first Saturday for April 2nd from 11am-5pm This event is a must for young and old it is a great place to spend a afternoon come see for yourself you will be glad you did!!


Next stop Submarine Museum!! thanks for coming out and playing with us!!

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