Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup: Photos of People, Food, and Fun

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There's even a little bench for little people.
The Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup, or BTTR, is quite a spectacle! About thirty food trucks meet each Tuesday on the Johnson & Wales campus (127th and Biscayne Blvd.) bringing together all sorts of people in their love of mobile meals. There's live music, plenty of space to pop a squat, and tons of edible options from which to choose. The long line of food trucks serve children and adults, cops, and culinary students in their white uniforms. While other food truck meet-ups are often forced to move due to bureaucratic confusion, this one seems quite comfortable and secure in its location. It's worth visiting next week.

Check out photos from BTTR last night after the jump.

sausages truck.JPG
New York Style sausages from Giuseppe's made everyone leer with desire.
There were plenty of smiling faces at the meet-up.
Work isn't so bad when it involves giving kids candy!
There were over 20 trucks out last night.
Nacho Bizness certainly knows how to whip up a delicious taco or two.
There were a lot of people out, but also a lot of room to roam.
Families all came out and played together.
It was the perfect place to get your hands dirty!
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Taco Truck
Taco Truck

This is the Model for Food Truck round-ups hats off to all who made it possible Sally Heyman, JWU president Loreen Chant and a host of others North Miami Police for showing support Thank you all for this wonderful community weekly event!!Serving Excellence in your own Backyard, Miami Food Truck Network!!

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