El Rey De Las Fritas Joins Food Truck Scene

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Courtesy of El Rey de las Fritas
Everyday a new truck, it seems. The latest restaurant to hop onto the food truck bandwagon is the popular El Rey de las Fritas, best known for its Cuban hamburgers -- or fritas.

"We've see how it's been crazy with everyone doing a food truck," co-owner Mercedes Gonzalez told Short Order. "We thought we can do this. It's an awesome idea."

She added that the truck will allow the restaurant to come closer to customers who live far from its three branches.

El Rey's truck is still in the building phase, but Gonzalez hopes it'll be ready to go in four to six weeks. The menu will be a condensed version of the restaurant's and will include the namesake fritas, steak sandwiches, pan con lechón and natural fruit shakes.

Keep up with the truck's progress on El Rey de las Fritas's Twitter stream and Facebook page.

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Location Info

El Rey De Las Fritas

421 W. 29th St., Hialeah, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Miami Culinary Tours
Miami Culinary Tours

Can't wait to see you guys on the road! I have one Frita always before doing the Little Havana Food Tour!

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