Garbage Burger, Taco in a Bag Featured at Miami-Dade County Fair

The 60th Anniversary of the Miami-Dade County Fair kicked off this weekend with the usual games, rides, shows and attractions. What wasn't usual this year was this food.

Sure you could still get cotton candy or a hot dog, but the fair food was bigger and more creative. Call it the year of the "trash food," but this year's grub (which generally never includes anything even remotely healthy) reached new...uh...heights. Krispy Kreme burgers, fried corn and taco-in-a-bag were some standouts. Here are some fair food highlights.

The Garbage Burger ($9) - a burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, bacon, french fries and cole slaw. But no ketchup. Because that would be overkill.

Sean McKeil of "Eat Fried Treats" demonstrates how to make fried butter. Yes folks - fried butter. A cold butter cube is rolled in flour, then batter, then deep fried. The result is a buttery creamy delight that Paula Deen probably dreams about every night.

Yanairi Perez displays deep fried corn -- a new treat for 2011. Corn on the cob is dipped in milk, flour and Italian breadcrumbs then deep fried. The breading forms a layer that keeps the juices inside the corn -- making for a crunchy outside and delicious inside.

The pork parfait ($5 & $8) at Porky's is a concoction of pulled pork, mashed potatoes and barbeque sauce.

Brad Gossard presents taco-in-a-bag. This invention is basically a bag of tortilla chips with ground meat, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese stuffed right into the bag. The perfect stoner food on the planet. Gossard, who runs Jalapeno's Mexican Grill, calls it "trash food."

Richard holds up some "pork on a stick."

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Angel Martí Castillo
Angel Martí Castillo

"but this year's grub (which generally never includes anything even remotely healthy) reached new...uh...heights."

Perhaps a more fitting phrase would be "reached new girths."


How apropos of Brad Gossard to wear that shirt before digging into that 'taco'..

/Giggles have now stopped.

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