Jeff McInnis and Gigi Part Ways

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Chef Jeff McInnis
Gigi's owner, Amir Ben-Zion, confirms to Short Order that the rumors that Chef Jeff McInnis has left his position at Gigi are true.

Ben-Zion explained that the split was amicable and it was never the intention of the restaurant or McInnis to stay beyond the first few months after opening.

Since opening last year in September, Gigi, along with restaurants like Sugarcane, Sustain, and Sakaya Kitchen, have helped usher in a food renaissance of sorts in midtown Miami. McInnis was even chosen by New Times to be featured in its inaugural People Issue last November because of the buzz surrounding his food and the restaurant.

Before that, McInnis was perhaps best known as a contest on Top Chef's fifth season, where he was eliminated in the tenth episode.

No word at this time as to where McInnis will be moving on to.

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jhonny seafood
jhonny seafood

Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust, hey hey...........


The place has been on a steady decline anyway. Over hyped, overrated.


I ate there on Monday night. Between the Wine and Food Festival and this, it probably explains why he looked so freaking exhausted.

Yes I'm sure it was amicable but I'm sure there is probably some truthfullness about this situation already reported here at

Good luck Jeff!

Jose D. Duran
Jose D. Duran

Not disputing what was reported there. A lot of other things were said to us off the record. I'm trying to piece the whole story together as best I can.

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