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Chef Michael Psilakis today announced he has left his position as executive chef at Eos, the Mediterranean small-plates restaurant on the 15th floor of Viceroy Miami.

"I have enjoyed working in Miami," Psilakis says. "Over time, however, our philosophies have grown apart and I feel it is best for me to move on. I appreciate the time I spent there and wish Eos a successful future."

We put in a call to Eos's New York offices late this afternoon and are awaiting word back. We'll share more details if and when we get 'em.

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485 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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What a shame. EOS and moreover, BistroE, had great food -- will especially miss the innovative sushi and the short rib tostados. I believe this is more of an issue of the cluster f*ck that is Icon Brickell. Too hard to find the restaurant. Parking is an absolute nightmare. Just can't attract enough patrons. I am moving from Icon...not having EOS a short walk away was one of the few things I was going to miss about Icon...don't have to worry about that anymore. The Icon is an absolute disaster.

Jhonny Seafood
Jhonny Seafood

Iguarantee its because of the hacks managing the Viceroy. Same shit happened at the Tides. also run by the same hacks


Knife through the heart, that one. :-(


"Our philosophies have grown apart" is generally code for what you are suggesting.

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