Radiation From Japan Has Arrived: Our Food and Water Are Exposed

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Radiation in your food and water? Fuggedahboutit!
Due to devastation caused by the Tsunami that recently hit Japan, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is leaking radiation. It might not sound like a big deal to us, except for the fact that said radiation is traveling all the way to the Western Hemisphere -- yes, as in the United States. And yes, there are trace amounts already being detected in Florida.

The Crystal River Nuclear Plant in Florida is equipped with sensors that pick up radiation in the air in case of leaks. These sensors started picking up low levels last week and it is no surprise to the industry.

"It was anticipated by the industry and, in fact, nuclear plants across the country have has similar readings over the past week or so," Progress Energy spokeswoman Cherie Jacobs told FOX News in Tampa. "It started in the West Coast and now it's drifted over to the East Coast."

Radiation exposure means that our food and water are in danger. But, according to Jacobs there is no health risk. Ay, Dios mio.

Before we start envisioning '50s sci-fi flicks or the cycloptic fish splashing around in the opening sequence of The Simpsons, let's think for a minute.

We are amazingly resilient creatures. Most of us, at least on average, are made of pretty hearty stock. We actually eat and breathe chemicals on a daily basis. We expose ourselves, often willingly, to stuff that we know can kill us -- sometimes immediately (as in drugs), sometimes in the long run (as in trans fats).

Yet we continue to live. Sure, we live with diabetes, heart failure, emphysema, and so on, but the point is we live dammit. Am I saying that our exposure to harmful chemicals, fumes, and toxins has somehow made us immune to the effects of radiation? Hell, no.

What I am saying, is that the radiation will affect is just like everything else affects us -- insidiously. I don't believe the experts who say that there is no danger or risk to us from radiation in the air, water, and food. They are trained to say things like that so as not to create a panic. One of the things that made me laugh is a quote from one of the "experts" that the amount of radiation we are being exposed to is very low - similar to that of a chest x-ray. If such levels present no danger, then why is it that x-ray rooms are sealed up tighter than an Amish virgin on prom night and radiology technicians are tucked away in a sealed chamber like the Wizard of Oz?

Dr. Nils Diaz, former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and a professor of nuclear and radiological science and associate professor of medicine at the University of Florida says that we are exposed to radiation every day -- in our food, when we ride on airplanes, and even when we visit the beach. I guess the basic concept here is that a little more radiation can't hurt.

And while we are being told that we have nothing to worry about, babies could be developing serious health risks due to the exposure. "If it's very little, it makes no impact on the human body," says Dr. Diaz. "But if it's babies, babies' cells are multiplying very rapidly and because they're multiplying very rapidly, they're radiosensitive." Damn those sensitive babies.

What has been detected are trace amounts of Iodine 131, a byproduct of the nuclear fission process. You might better remember it as the substance that caused decades of health problems after Chernobyl. But, don't worry -- we still have nothing to worry about.

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I praise you for bringing real news.  Go look at this map and see Miami is consistently higher in radiation then even most of the cities on the west coast. Miami is getting fallout in rain. Go ahead be a sheep keep listening to your government and believe everything is ok.  In Japan they tell the citizens smiling will protect them from radiation exposure.  What is even worse is Japan has cracked down on scientists to give accurate reporting and they now will face jail time for doing studies of radiation. The EPA just raise the legal limits 10 times then what they were before Fukushima so they could say they are within legal limits. So go ahead and keep eating that tuna its all safe nothing to see here.  Your skin is glowing today my dear..

King Neece
King Neece

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Gary Neece
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Fukushima deadly hot particles hit U.S., Health rightviolation (video)


West Coast, Seattle, Boston hot spots: Cancer todramatically increase yet public kept in dark


On Monday, it was confirmed that the major human right tohealth is being violated in the United States by the public not being advisedthat Fukushima hot particles contaminated the United States and that West Coastcancer are due to surge, based on scientific analysis by Scientist MarcoKaltofen of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) of radioactive isotopicreleases from Fukushima who presented his findings at the American PublicHealth Association (APHA) annual meeting in Washington DC as reported bynuclear expert Arnie Gundersen.


"Mr. Kaltofen’s analysis confirms the detection of hotparticles in the US and the extensive airborne and ground contamination innorthern Japan due to the four nuclear power plant accidents at TEPCO’sFukushima reactors," according to nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairwinds.


The comparison of radiation from x-rays to the radiation from particles that can be ingested to settle into our bodies is false. If Cesium 137 gets inside you, it's not likely to get out, lasting for over 30 years while exposing you to the radiation it puts out. It's half life is 30 years, which means that in that time it's half as radioactive, but still radioactive. Another 30, a quarter as radioactive, and so on.

So, comparing something external to something internal is a bit of apples to oranges.


You blew all credibility and exposed your own irrationality with your comment about X-ray rooms being sealed up tight. The rooms, of course, are sealed up tight to protect hospital/clinic workers who would otherwise be exposed to radiation over and over and over and over during the course of employment, day in and day out. A patient in the room to have one Chest x-ray is exposed to a relatively small amount of radiation as compared to the cumulative radiation that would exist in the building if the x-ray room were NOT sealed up tightly. Common sense.

Yes I am concerned about the radiation, particularly since I will be in Florida next week. But fear mongering that is not substantiated by any real science or evidence is NOT helpful.


I'm really torn about who to believe. Experts who build a career studying the affects of nuclear power, or a paranoid blogger who's trying to fear-monger and throw out a conspiracy theory about said experts.


Scaremongering clap-trap.

" I don't believe the experts who say that there is no danger " , Better to believe a blogger spouting a load of rubbish? I recommend you look up the definition of "expert" , and then try researching your subject a little before spouting off your own dangerous nonsense.


The amounts of radiation that are arriving in Florida from Fukushima are less than what you get from taking an airline flight or installing granite countertops in your kitchen. Ultimately the question is are you going live your life in fear of something that might increase your cancer risk by 1 in 100,000 or are you going to pay attention to things that are much more likely to do you harm, say like lying on the beach for a couple of hours or talking on the cell phone while you are driving.

It is all a matter of perspective.


So, you understand radiation better than nuclear physicists and physicians? Way to go in alarming people just to indulge your own irrational fears.

Ay, Dios mio, indeed!


I can't believe that CNN and other major new and TV broadcasters have a 24-hr Libya talk, while the world is on the verge of being gubled up by a potential lethal radiation level (in case of even one of the reactors explodes). I see they have pulled all their journalists out of Tokyo, and the only thing they show is a 1-minute video of the tzunami two weeks ago. Everyone keeps silence, except for the Mssct governor and their local EPA office. Where are Dems, Repubs, and all elected officials thw jobs of whach is to inform us - are they still fighting over the power - so that in case of a nuclear bockout they would get the first seat in the bunker? What the idiots...


Continuous radiation debris, especially plutonium and cesium and polonium and everything else builds up. This fiasco is not going to end soon and the longer it goes on more and more fall out occurs, yes fall out the stuff that killed so many people in Japan.

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