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Lee Klein
555 charcuterie platter
​A small sip of next week's Cafe review:
Slices of country bread with flour-dusted crust are brought to each table; try not to eat too many as you'll want some to go along with just about any food you're likely to order. Like, say, the charcuterie plate of prosciutto, chorizo, garlic sausage, French cured salamis (including Rosette de Lyon), brie, cornichons and sweet onion jam.
Wine Depot & Bistro 555
555 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach

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WD 555

555 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Very disappointed. Rude service at bar w/ very unprofessional person having zero knowledge of the wines and food. She could tell me nothing about the cheese plate except that it was "cheese". She also could not differentiate the rose choices at all- just all "rose" wines?! After asking for aged cheeses they brought me all triple cream choices?? Then the CHEF made sure they gave me the CRUST of parmigiano - which actually you don't eat!! - plus another choice smelling of ammonia. The explained the crust as what aged cheese is like....really?? It made me worry about the cleanliness and integrity of the kitchen. It seems like they are trying to save money & push off the cheapest, oldest of products for premium prices/claims??As an American I am surprised that the French running this place seem to have zero sophistication (not to sterotype - but big letdown!!). Seems like it is run by very un-culinary, uneducated French who are trying to fool us all - from my travels in Europe pretty much everyone knows cheese. I was hoping for a true wine bar like you find in nyc or san fran - but no, it's just another cheap imitation. I will stick to authentic places like Sardinia for great wine & cheese...or Michael's Genuine. Maybe the Bistro 555 chef should check out these places and learn from real chefs who have integrity, respect local clients & give us true quality and refinement...skip this place!

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