Trio on the Bay: First Look, Photos, and Menus

Trio's terrace on the bay
Here are the basics: Trio on the Bay, a "casual yet upscale dining, drinking, dancing, and entertainment" venue, is moving to the sprawling indoor/outdoor space on the 79th Street/JFK Causeway. "Trio" refers not only to the dining/drinking/dancing aspects but also to the three veteran operators behind the venture: Louie Spetrini as GM, Gerry Kelly as nightlife operator, and Klime Kovaceski as executive chef. If you don't know who these three men are, you probably haven't been living in Miami long.

An opening-night invite-only party will take place this Saturday at Trio on the Bay. Then on Tuesday, April 5, beginning at 5 p.m., Trio will officially be open to the public. We have exclusive first photos of Trio, as well as food and wine menus. Next week, we'll take a closer look at the food and speak with the Trio team.


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this will be my 1st time going i cant wait so i can see for my self 

iLike ShortOrder
iLike ShortOrder

I truly do wish them the best of luck but there is absolutely no parking at that place or even nearby to sustain any kind of nightlife activity there. When it was Barchetta, patrons used to park across the street at the empty condo building but now that the NBV police station is there, I'm sure those spots are out... It'll be fun to see how this plays out.


They've actually taken care of the parking situation. There will be extremely affordable valet service (something ridiculous like $5 for the opening) and, in addition, the owners have night time rentals on 4 surrounding parking lots including a parking garage across the street for the night club component.

Can't wait!

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