Vegan & Raw Chefs Battle at The Space Next Week

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via Conscious Bite Out
Communal dinner table at The Space
Vegan and raw food fans have a safe haven in Miami. On March 17 -- next Thursday -- The Space hosts Conscious Bite Out, which has been organizing monthly dinners that cater to alternative foodies since January 2010. This month's dinner -- the first battle of the raw/vegan chefs -- takes place at 7:30 p.m.. Participating chefs include John Schott from Miami's LifeFood Gourmet, Jonathan Gambino formerly of Pure Food & Wine in New York City, and Lisa Valle from Green Wave in Fort Lauderdale.

Marcela Andron and Veronica Menin started Conscious Bite Out. "It's a special dinner showcasing a talented chef who shares in our philosophies of using local, organic, sustainable, seasonal cuisine and who cooks food that is overall healthier for our guests and for the planet," says Marcela.

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via Conscious Bite Out
Marcela Andron and Veronica Menin
The guests dine at a candlelit communal dinner table and view live cooking demonstrations by each of the chefs as they learn about the benefits of incorporating raw and vegan cooking into their lifestyle.

"We love raw and vegan foods and wanted to do a very special and exclusive event as this month we have also partnered with ChicDom. So instead of one chef, we decided to get three," Marcela adds. Each chef will prepare one dish live in front of guests, He or she will have the opportunity to vote for a favorite dish based on taste, presentation, and information that is provided. Participants can win a private cooking session with the winning chef.

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via Conscious Bite Out
Participating Chef Jonathan Gambino
Skeptical of raw and/or vegan food? As Chef Jonathan Gambino stated, "Raw food is as essential as eating gets, and although very basic it can also be highly sophisticated. That's what this dinner will bring to the table. I also might add that raw food in Florida can be as incredible as in Hawaii or anywhere on earth."

A cocktail reception featuring a selection of "Life Food" hors d'oeuvres, Veev Acai Eco Mojitos, and organic wine gets the evening started. The dinner consists of four courses: soup, salad, entree, and a variety of desserts. The price: $85.00. Diners also receive a goodie bag.

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Huge Fan
Huge Fan

These dinners are amazing. I have attended all but 3 since they started. The girls are great at what they do and you won't be disappointed.

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