Why Emeril's Refuses to Serve New Orleans Cuisine

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"This is a Miami restaurant," Emeril's Miami Beach's new executive chef, Tim Doolittle, said to Clean Plate Charlie. It was by way of explaining why Emeril's, named after New Orleans' most recognized chef, doesn't serve much in the way of food from that city. "It's owned by a guy who became famous in New Orleans... probably 60 percent or more of our guests don't even know about New Orleans. They're from Portugal, Spain, Central America, South America, Europe, so when they come to Miami, they want Miami. And that's what we deliver to them. We have some New Orleans little flairs and touches, but this is a Miami restaurant."

In related news, Daniel Boulud has announced that DB Bistro Moderne will henceforth serve only budget Italian fare. "I became famous for my exquisite French cuisine in New York," Boulud explains, "but this bistro is in Miami, where folks love their meatballs and lasagna. Quite frankly, most of the population here wouldn't know a tarte tatin if it bit them in the derriere."

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Emeril's Miami Beach - CLOSED

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you're probably right though, miami people dont know good food. it's not a good foodie town compared to ny


For a brief instant I thought you were pulling an early April's Fool.


And that's why I don't eat there anymore. You know where you can get Miami food... in Miami? Everywhere. Emeril's Miami Beach is nothing special. In fact, it's a huge disappointment.


When the management team at Emeril's Miami Beach goes to New York City's Chinatown, they probably spend hours looking for a Chinese restaurant that serves pizza, falafel, and hot dogs -- you know, New York food!

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