Wynwood Kitchen & Bar Present Playfully Crafted Artists' Cocktails

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Wynwood Kitchen & Bar's Jennifer Wagoner loves her cocktails
The first impression of Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is of visual overload. Giant murals of street art are everywhere - behind the bar, on the patio walls and in the dining room. This hipster paradise, however, also has a serious kitchen and a bar that goes beyond the average cocktail. Though best known for their beer selection, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar has an interesting collection of hand crafted cocktails, each inspired by the street artists involved in creating the decor of the restaurant itself.

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The Futura looks like a Martini and tastes like a creamsicle. Made from vanilla vodka, Grand Marnier and fresh squeezed orange juice.

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​Sake, gin, lime juice and a simple syrup made with fresh cucumber comprise the Ben Wolf, a refreshing cocktail that's deceptively strong for such a smooth drink.

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The Nunca is a "farm fresh" cocktail that combines freshly muddled strawberries, mint and sake. The result is a minty, fruity creation that Mojito lovers would enjoy.

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It takes a creative mind to even think of mixing pear schnapps, tequila and jalapeno, but the David Sherry works. It's a sophisticated version of the classic Margarita. The schnapps cuts the power of the tequila and the muddled jalapeno adds a warm afternote to this sassy and spicy libation.

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A mix of hand-crafted tomato cilantro water, vodka, Tabasco and lemon,the Clare Rojas provides the savory flavor of a Bloody Mary without the thick and heavy texture.

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The Old Fashioned gets a modern twist with the AVAF. Bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters are mixed into a masculine drink worthy of a three-cocktail Mad Men lunch. A cherry soaked in Meyers rum seals the deal.

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Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

2550 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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