Chris Kilham, GNC Chocolate: Snake Oil or Miracle Supplement?

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This Sunday in Miami, "Medicine Hunter" Chris Kilham kicks off his 10-day, nine-city tour of GNC markets to discuss the benefits of cocoa and to foster a broader understanding of the "exceptional super fruit." Says Kilham, "This is the best way to set the groundwork for broad education of the health-conscious market about the remarkable health benefits of cocoa." CocoaWell is the first-ever line of cocoa-based supplements combining whole food cocoa with pure plant flavanols. "They are supported by clinical studies and science to help support heart health, healthy blood pressure, increased energy, and improved mental acuity," Kilham endorses. So much for feeling guilty about chocolate binges.

Chris Kilham, an ethnobotanist, became interested in cocoa in the 1990s. After visiting a large cocoa plantation in the South Pacific, his interest intensified. Since then, he claims to have studied cocoa extensively in the field and in journals. Naomi Whittle, CEO of Reserveage, met Kilham at a cosmetic trade show in Paris. "She described to me her interest in putting together a line of effective cocoa-based supplements, and I thought it would be a rewarding and innovative project," shares Kilham.

Chris Kilham
The cocoa comes from a cooperative of small-scale farmers, named FONMSOEAM. Kilham found the co-op while investigating for product that is certified fair-trade and organic. The cocoa is a "beautifully and thoughtfully manufactured product," describes Kilham. He acknowledges, though, that it also produces for major chocolate companies such as Mars.

There are two different brands, but each are the exact same three products with just slightly different names. Reserveage Organics ($27.99 to $29.99) are sold direct to consumers from their website with the Reserveage Organics LLC logo. CocoaWell's branded products for ResVitale ($29.99) are sold in retail stores such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and other fine health food stores.

Although Cocoawell's website boasts support by science for their products' health benefits, clinical studies, with facts and complete findings, are not referenced. And a search of the Food and Drug Administration's website for "Cocoawell," "ResVitale," and "Reserveage" turned up empty. So while these thirty-dollar cocoa capsules may help keep your mind sharp and your heart beating, according to Kilham and Cocoawell, I'll take my chances and grab a Snickers.

Chris will be available in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area all day on Sunday, April 10, with the exception of 1 to 3 p.m. For more information, you may contact Joyce Burkhardt, with Dean Draznin Communications, at 641-209-3883 or via email at

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Hi folks. Those of you interested in reading more about the scientific/medical studies done on cocoa, I recommend simply typing "cocoa" + "Harvard" + "Studies" and if you also add "Dr. Hollenberg" you'll find far more than you'd ever want to read : ) Best, ZOE


Oh--sorry!---of course I meant to say type it into google... But yes, you'll find lots of really interesting information. You can also visit and check out the cocoa section there. Tons of great info.

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