Design District's Vino e Olio Closes UPDATED

Laine Doss
Vino e Olio chefs Riccardo Rossi and Andrea Menichetti at the Kampong last week.
Eater reports that Vino e Olio, the Design District's fairly new 220-seat Italian eatery, has closed. According to Eater, executive chef Andrea Menichetti is leaving to open a restaurant in another city. "Vino e Olio was a wonderful experience for me, but I am now looking forward to pursuing other culinary opportunities where I can cook my food in a more intimate setting," Menichetti said.

Vino e Olio has had its share of inconsistent food. In a December 2010 review of the bistro, Lee Klein gave it mixed ratings, noting, "The food, for instance, is more typical of what you would find on your plate at a club than a fine-dining venue."

Soon after, Chef Menichetti called in the big guns -- his mother, a two-Michelin-star-rated chef, to give him some pointers. His parents, Valeria Piccini and Maurizio Menichetti, founded Da Caino restaurant in Maremma. Alas, Mama had to go back home to tend to her own flock, and Vino e Olio's Menichetti was left to his own devices.

This closing comes as a bit of a surprise because Vino e Olio recently announced a foray into lunch, and chefs Menichetti and Riccardo Rossi represented Vino e Olio at Bali Ha'i at the Kampong last weekend when they presented a delicious chilled tomato-basil soup

A visit to the eatery's website is diverted to the PR firm Sachs & Sachs. Media rep Andrew Sachs could not be reached for comment.

With the opening of establishments such as Michael's Geniune Food & Drink and Sra. Martinez, the Design District has quickly grown into the hottest restaurant neighborhood in Miami. But other eateries, such as Pacific Time and Vino e Olio, have not fared as well. Could it be that the Design District has reached its peak, or is it merely the fact that restaurants deemed simply "OK" can't exist in the shadows of great chefs like Michael Schwartz and Michelle Bernstein?

Update: The Vino e Olio Facebook page has been updated to read "Vino & Olio will be suspending all operations until further notice. Thank you all for your support, and we hope to serve you again soon."

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Vino & Olio Restaurant - CLOSED

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BPC Corp.
BPC Corp.

I'm not surprised to see this restaurant close, unfortunately the politic of the restaurant was really mediocre and the chef Andrea Menichetti is really an arrogant person, I saw so many people suggesting different things to him, trying to help the restaurant to go up, but I never saw from him the capacity and the humility to accept suggestions and critics.The food was ok, for the first time for this city it was a really Italian Food, but we can not forget that we are in Miami so everything has to be adapted, more or less, at the Miami Style.Good Luck everybody!

Roberto moreno
Roberto moreno

The problem i think was two folded1) the design district is still a tough locations. Mai Tardi is barely surviving. Pacific times closed, and Sr Martinez is closed severalt days of the week. That is not making money. that is barely surviving. Michael's is the only one that is making money there. 2) Miami is a cheap food town. Tapas, burgers and that is it. Some one siaid they will go to another town and make a fortune...I hope they do.

Cook Mai Food
Cook Mai Food

Andrea created some beautiful meals. He will go to another city and become a phenomenon. The majority of people in Miami barely understand hamburgers and pizza. And reviews...look at what happened to Route 9. How can you screw up reviewing a neighborhood bistro? This town is a culinary circus. Blame the SOBE Food & Wine Festival that's all people in Miami want.


Expensive, mediocre food. The Miami dining scene at its best.

Mark C
Mark C

I wouldn't read too much into this closing with regards to the greater Design District restaurant scene. Commentary on the food at this place from my friends was almost universally bad. Also a bit sad to see a place close, but looks like the market is working.


We concur with Cook Mai Food ... Bouley' Evolution and an acclaimed restauarnteure from Madrid came and did the same thing in the early 90's that too closed down.. the SOBE Food & Wine Festival is essentially a piss up.. thats want Miami wants and gets..

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