Dunkin' Donuts Says, "Lucy, I'm Home!"

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Dunkin' Donuts new Cuban Flatbread Sandwich: How does it compare to the real thing?
Dunkin' Donuts is going tropical. The chain, which has expanded from doughnuts and coffee to sandwiches and smoothies in past years, now offers the Cuban Flatbread Sandwich -- what Dunkin' is calling a traditional Cuban sandwich with a twist. Not surprisingly, the sandwich is being offered only its Miami stores.

In honor of its progenitor, the sandwich will feature ham, slow-roasted pork, and Swiss cheese. The twist is in the choice of Dijon mustard instead of the traditional yellow mustard and a pickle spread instead of actual pickles.

Oh, wait. We forgot. Perhaps the biggest twist is the fact that instead of using Cuban bread, Dunkin' Donuts is placing all this Cubany goodness on flatbread.

Cuban and longtime Miami resident, Rosa St. Claire says, "I can't wait to try it. I think they saw that Undercover Boss, where the girl told the boss that Subway should make a Cuban sub."

The sandwich is already available and retails for $3.49. Of course, it can be combined with a café con leche for a more authentic Cuban meal. The café con leche is also a recent addition to regional locations.

We think it's great that Dunkin' Donuts is reaching out to the Cuban market. But please refrain from saying things like, "Dunkin' Donut's new sandwich...takes the Cubano sandwich to the next level."

Any true Cuban knows the cubano is the last level.

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Wow! Dunkin Donut's creation of a Cuban sandwich-on flatbread yet- will now allow me to enjoy their delicious steaming coffee with my favorite sandwich, besides a juicy rare roast beef with mayo & white bread. Are you listening, DD?


They are offering them in other Florida locations than just Miami.

Ily Goyanes
Ily Goyanes

Dunkin' Donuts people told us it was rolled out in Miami. Where else have you seen the sandwich? I would have expected Dunkin' to roll it out in Tampa since there a lot of Cubans there too.


There are Cubans everywhere in Miami, but everyone's palate can enjoy a delicious Cuban sandwich, or should I say, "Cuban-American". Dunkin Donuts has to extend this delightful sandwich!

Ily Goyanes
Ily Goyanes

You know, they really should have called it the Cuban-American Flatbread Sandwich. That's what it really is.

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