Geoffrey Zakarian Files for Personal Bankruptcy

Geoffrey Zakarian and Scott Conant at South Beach Wine & Food Festival
Celebrity chef and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian filed for personal bankruptcy after several lawsuits were filed against him by former restaurant employees and partners, according to The New York Times.

Zakarian, a judge on Food Network's Chopped and executive chef at several eateries, including the Lambs Club and the National Bar and Dining Room in New York has filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition on April 6 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, listing 179 creditors.

He is scheduled to open Tudor House restaurant at the new Dream South Beach hotel in June and is also slated to oversee all other food and beverage operations at the property on 11th Street and Collins Avenue.

The chef's publicist, Jaret Keller, told Short Order, "This is a personal bankruptcy that does not affect any of his projects. Chef Zakarian is thrilled and excited to open the Tudor House and is looking forward to spending time in Miami Beach."

Life goes on for Zakarian, who is currently filming The Next Iron Chef and spending the weekend at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival.

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I've been known to quibble about Short Order's content myself, but this is not exactly just a private personal matter. Zakarian filed bankruptcy because of a lawsuit brought by 150 former cooks at one of his NY restaurants for supposedly falsifying time records and underpaying them by collectively $1 million. That's newsworthy - and indeed already covered (with much greater detail and context) in the NY Times.

But yeah, I miss Behind the Lines too.


I concur. This blog is garbage. Where do you find these writers?

jhonny seafood
jhonny seafood

what is with short order lately? what used to be an insight into miami's culinary heart has turned into a laundry for airing out chefs personal lives. i think this laine doss lady should be relieved of her duties as a writer for this blog, her stories are useless bullshit. When will we see such gret pieces like "behind the line" again? come on new times enough with the bochinche and lets get back to the food, chefs, and trends which make our city unique.

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