Gyromaniakz Goes Hollywood, Truckers Out West

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Did Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovon have a gyro?
​Gyromaniakz, the new Greek truck to hit Miami streets, has already gone Hollywood.

Yesterday evening, the truck had a special assignment: Serve dinner to the cast and crew of Burn Notice on location in Coconut Grove.

Gyromaniakz's owner, Jason Caplan, said he received a call even before his truck rolled onto the street. Turns out the producer of Burn Notice is Greek and was jonesing for some homestyle soul food.

You can see chefs-to-the-stars Jason and his wife Marisol tonight at Truckers Out West (TOW). 

On another note, Jim Heins of Latin Burger called Short Order this morning: "I'm on the way to pick up LB2. I'm taking it out tonight, even though I've never fired up the generators." A few minutes later, he called back to say LB2 would be delayed, probably one more day. Something about the truck needing to be cleaned and some minor electrical issues.

Latin Burger "Uno" will be at TOW tonight from 6 to 10:30 at Mother of Christ Church. Other trucks scheduled to serve dinner are Aaron's Catering Express, Big Kahuna, Catered Bliss, CheeseMe, Chef on 4 Wheels, Chef on Wheels, Churro Mania, Daddy's Grill, Dim Ssäm à Gogo, Divan Bakery, Esther's Caribbean Grill, the Fish Box, the Flying Saucer, Frita Man, GastroPod, Grillmaster Café, Giuseppe's Italian Sausage, Gyromaniakz, JuiceBlendz, Kona Ice, Latin Burger, Latin House Grill, Mr. Good Stuff, Ms. Cheezious, Muscle Truck, Nacho Mama's, Papa's Tapas, Purple People Eatery, the Red Koi, El Rincón de Coquí, the Rolling Stove, Shao Roma, Sir Pizza, Sugar Rush, Sugar Yummy Mama, Tango Grill, Wrapidito Yum, and Yellow Submarine. 14141 SW 26th St., Miami

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