Burger King's Japanese Meat Monster Whopper Takes Miami Beach

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BK meat monster 3.jpg
Photos by Laine Doss
Carla from Orlando contemplates the BK Meat Monster.
Forget nuclear death. Japan has something to smile about this week with the Miami-based Burger King Corp.'s promotion of the new "Meat Monster," a Godzilla-size sandwich available only in the land of the Rising Sun. It starts with a Whopper and piles on three bacon strips, two cheese slices, another beef patty, and a chicken breast. Total calories: 1,160.

But why should Japan have all the fun (and angina)?

This morning, I headed to South Beach's Whopper Bar on Washington Avenue to see if I could really have it my way. Eddie the manager, who didn't want to give his last name, had never heard of the product. Presented with a photo of this creature from halfway around the world, he proclaimed, "I can build this. See? They have a patty, then cheese, then another patty, and the ketchup. Then they add bacon and chicken. Then they put mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomatoes."

Not five minutes later, he presented a beige tower of animal flesh. Then he prepared to dress it.

"Pile it on," I said.

The "monster" was accessorized with onion rings, jalapeños, mayo, ketchup, A1 steak sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. The cost: a whopping $9.36. That might sound crazy expensive for a fast-food item, but its Japanese cousin costs $9.70.

bk meat monster1.jpg
Dressing the monster.
Kevin and Robert, two guys visiting from Chicago, were having a bite on their way to catch a Carnival cruise to the western Caribbean. Robert said of the Monster: "It sounds like a heart attack."

Kevin added that it sounded like a deal: "We could share that. Have you been to Five Guys? They charge $5 for one patty!"

BK meat monster 2.jpg
The Monster in all its heart attack-inducing glory.
Whopper Bar employee Brandon was sweeping the restaurant as I was about to tame the Meat Monster. He literally did a double take. "Nine dollars for a Whopper? That's more than what I make in an hour."

bk meat monster 4.jpg
Whopper Bar's Brandon and Eddie.
At last, when my impromptu show-and-tell was finished, it was time to slay the dragon. I picked it up and took a bite. Though the burger was good, the chicken did nothing to help or hinder the flavor. Would this megameal catch on in South Beach? Maybe not, but I'm sure a story will circulate in certain Miami BK circles about the time the girl came in to tame the Meat Monster.

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Whopper Bar

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I'm sorry, but that sounds disgusting.


Move over King Jefe's got you covered Meat Monster! Heh! Checkout a 4X4 Godzilla Style tame one of these bad boys!!

Burger Beast
Burger Beast

Congrats on even being able to take pictures. I was told at that same location that if I took pictures I would have to leave the "restaurant".


Ummm ... did you somehow miss the part were its actually only being marketed in Japan. Im not saying that American's arent fat as a result of too much fast food, just that this sandwich has nothing to do with ... and you have difficulty reading.

John Ross
John Ross

Wow I bet that it took a lot of time and imagination to come up with that solution, BAN IT.Sorry but person choice and personal freedom over-rides your need to control others.You don't like fast food, Do eat it. Don't let your kids eat it. But keep your nose out of my life and I wont punch yours.


yep. nasty and unhealthy. If i'm gonna eat something unhealthy at the very least it should look and sound appealing. This thing looks like something I ran over in Alligator Alley, grilled it and put it between two buns.

Laine Doss
Laine Doss

Beast. If it makes you feel better I got thrown out of a Publix for taking a picture of kosher coke.

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