Jeff McInnis to Open Yardbird Southern Table & Bar in South Beach

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Jeff McInnis is coming back to South Beach
Jeff McInnis, the cute Top Chef who left Gigi to the consternation of many Miamians, is set to open Yardbird Southern Table & Bar in Miami Beach.

According to Melissa Trimp, marketing and public relations manager at 50 Eggs Restaurant Group in Miami, confirmed that Chef McInnis is busy developing the menu for the restaurant, in which he'll be chef/owner.

The restaurant doesn't have a set opening date, but by the name of the website, we're sure chickens all over south Florida are a little nervous.

50 Eggs Restaurant Group is also the parent company of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. 50 Eggs Restaurant Group, by the way, is named after the Cool Hand Luke scene in which Paul Newman's cellmates dare him to eat 50 eggs.

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Very nice and attentive service, very nice decor and atmosphere.We left the restaurant and went home to eat something as portions there and price for a place that suppose to feature Southern Home cooking we incredible small.Fried chicken ($26) suppose to be half a chicken as it says on the menu, they forgot to include the breast, with a few cubes of watermelon this dish is not to share. Shrimps and grits, 2 scoop of grits with 4 fairly small size shrimps was appetizer size, fish of the day $26, 4 ounces of swordfish with pumping puree, 3 bites and gone.All the flavors are very nice and maybe a nice spot for a new discovery, I do recommend only lunch, dinner was for $151.00 without tips a downer for this type of menu.


Peeked in through the windows today, place looks gorgeous!

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