Jews Rejoice! We Found Kosher For Passover Coke, Chips and Beer

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Gefilte Fish. Still Kosher.
When I was a kid, the kosher-for-Passover section of the supermarket read like a no-fun zone. Matzo, gefilte fish, and candy fruit slices were about the only things on the shelf.

It's a lot easier being Jewish now. Just about any treat can be found with the kosher-for-Passover marking, including beer! So, while we still can't eat bacon, we can numb the pain when Aunt Sophie asks us why we're still not married at the seder table.

kosher lays.jpg
​Kosher Lays potato chips.

Kosher Coke and Diet Coke is back.

kosher honey.jpg
Kosher honey... from Jewish bees?

kosher Italian wine.jpg
Forget Manischweitz, this is real Italian vino -- hat happens to be kosher for Passover.

kosher beer_edited-1.jpg
The only kosher for Passover brewery in the U.S., Ramapo Valley beers are available at many Whole Foods.

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