Kate and William Beer, Pizza, Latte: Royal Crap for the Hungry

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kate cake.jpg
Kate and William - Love bites!
Had enough of the Kate and William mania? Ohhh no, you haven't! Look for the tacky souvenirs -- from replicas of Kate's engagement ring to a toilet loo seat sporting the happy couple's likeness.

That's all fine, but we like tchotchkes you can eat! Happily, there's everything from jellybeans to pizza -- here are a few of the craziest edible offerings to commemorate the happy couple.

Kate and William latte.
kate and william egg.jpg
Kate and William Easter eggs.
kate pizza2.jpg
That's cheesy -- Kate and William on a Papa John's pizza.
Though we hear beer is to be banned from the royal reception, maybe the Queen will make an exception for this Kiss Me Kate beer.
kate turkey pic.jpg
This likeness is made from turkey, beef, carrots, peas, and gravy. It's a picture and dinner in one.
Do you see the resemblance?
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She is hotter than any of those food likenesses.

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