Lucky Oriental Mart Has Pocky, Mochi, and Milkfish

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Lucky Oriental Mart_Pocky_John Zur.jpg
John Zur
Pocky is a must-try Japanese cookie snack.
Located off Bird Road, Lucky Oriental Mart is an Asian grocery store stocked with foods and products from China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Stroll the aisles and your curiosity will be piqued by colorfully packaged products like teas, candies, and cookies.

Lucky Oriental Mart_Cookie Aisle_John Zur.jpg
John Zur
Lucky's dizzying cookie and tea aisle.
The items we picked up included Pocky ($1.99). These addictive cookie sticks are covered in, among other things, milk chocolate and strawberry. There are numerous brands and styles. The mochi ($5.99) we purchased either had issues thawing and refreezing or is just a poor product. The coffee ice cream was smooth, but the mochi was gritty and lacked chewiness. It's a shame we didn't trust our instincts and go for the pint of green tea ice cream ($4.99).

Lucky Oriental Mart_Produce and Fish_John Zur.jpg
John Zur
The seafood case and some boxed produce.
The produce looks fresh and includes Asian cooking staples such as bamboo shoots, watercress, and bok choy. Fruits such as Asian pears ($1.89 per pound) are available. In the vicinity, a seafood case displays fresh catches such as milkfish ($3.59 per pound), bass ($2.99 per pound), tilapia ($1.29 per pound), golden pompano ($3.99 per pound), and shrimp ($3.99 per pound).

Lucky Oriental Mart_Healthcare_John Zur.jpg
John Zur
The healthcare section of Lucky's.
There are aisles containing plastic-ware and plate-ware that can suit occasions from casual to at-home formal dinners. Household gadgets such as teapots ($9.99 to $12.99), French presses ($12.99), and electric kettles ($24.99) can also be had. The section of health-care products was intriguing. At the ends of the aisles are boxes of (pre-owned?) sandals -- some with no prices tags.

Lucky Oriental Mart_Produce_John Zur.jpg
John Zur
The produce section.
The mart is rounded out by alcohol -- sake ($3.29 and up) -- jewelry, plants, and just about anything you didn't know you needed. Dried fish, anyone?

Lucky Oriental Mart is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lucky Oriental Mart
8356 Bird Rd., #D-1, Miami

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