New French Bistro, Lou Lou Arrives Downtown

Naotake Murayama
It's not really a bistro without the ratatouille.
Jacques Ardisson, master of the bistro concept (Moonchine, Indochine) steps out of his usual realm of Asian fusion with the opening of Lou Lou, the newest notch in his restaurant belt. Named for his daughter Carla Lou, "le petit bistro" is both chic enough for a date and casual enough for a hangover recovery lunch on the weekends.

The former Indochine has had a home along the old downtown strip next to neighborhood favorites Tobacco Road and River Oyster Bar for the past eight years, but Ardisson was apparently in the mood to overhaul. He decided to "change the concept for a new challenge." The space has been re-conceived as a sexy French diner, with red leather bar chairs, matching red walls, a fancy mosaic bar and beaucoup chandeliers. It's a bit too flashy to be considered an authentic French brasserie, but this is Miami.

The fare is what is to be expected -- if you can always get behind a good ratatouille ($5) or duck confit ($14), and the words "homemade mayonnaise" make you weak in the knees, this is your happy place. Everything from the lamb shank ($28) to the foie gras terrine ($19) oozes Frenchified gluttony.

The wine list had some help from Sommelier Sebastien Verrier (Palme d'Or, W Wine Boutique) so fantastic French varietals will keep you lingering.

Lou Lou
638 S Miami Ave., Miami

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big mistake. we were big fans of Indochine and were very sad to see it go. We tried the "new concept" and were disappointed. The food was horrible and the service confused and arrogant. What a shame. Reminds me of the old saying - Dont fix what aint broken"


Very common for someone to think something is not broken when they have blinders on.... there are 10 sushi restaurants in brickel, I remember when they were the first one. Time for a change and this bistro is superb and authentic.. sometimes you need change. It was probably horrible because you have a bitter taste in your mouth that  indochine is no longer there......

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