Peacock Garden Café Debuts This Week in Coconut Grove

Adam Larkey
The Peacock garden
Lalo Durazo and chef Oscar del Rivero, the gentlemen behind Coconut Grove favorite Jaguar Ceviche and the Gables' Talavera Cocina, will debut Peacock Garden Café tomorrow. Located on the previous site of Union Congregational Church, the restaurant promises to pay homage to the Grove's illustrious history as well as to fresh, light, American-Mediterranean style dishes.

The restaurant gets its name from the historic Peacock Inn, which is currently known to most as Peacock Park across the street. The original hotel was constructed by Charles Peacock and his wife Isabella -- the "Mother of Coconut Grove," which is just one tidbit of info you may gather from your dining experience here. "Peacock Garden Café brings to the Grove a place to learn and experience where and how Coconut Grove and Miami began as a community back in 1873," Durazo says.

It is also where "garden-inspired cuisine" will be served. "The restaurant is set in a beautiful garden," continues Lalo, "where diners will enjoy the South Florida weather just a few steps from the ocean."

An emphasis is being placed on sourcing goods from the farms. Chef Rivero plans to feature herbs and greens from Cahaba Club, fruit from Hanshaw Farms, and vegetables (including squash and bell peppers) from Six L's, Quality First, and Southern Corporate Farms.

Starters will include grilled artichokes with garlic, thyme, and a lemon-blue cheese dip; "crispy seafood" platter of mahi-mahi strips, shrimp, calamari, octopus, and zucchini; and a Med platter with meats, cheeses, hummus, olives, tapenade and grilled breads. The wine list will feature bottles from boutique vineyards of California, Oregon, and Washington. Still and sparkling wines will also come from Italy and other global grape spots.

From the grill: organic chicken breast, skirt steak, yellowfin tuna, and Atlantic salmon ($14 to $20). Each grilled item comes paired with choice of salad such as Niçoise, Caesar, or Greek. That's a cool menu idea. Other entrées run the gamut from roasted organic chicken stuffed with lemon, seared salmon teriyaki with bok choy, fish casserole with fennel and assorted herbs, grilled Black Angus New York strip, and traditional lasagna with veal and lamb ($14 to $30). Durazo defines the menu as "simple and delicious options for dining any time during the day or night, all prepared with top quality ingredients and offered at reasonable prices."

Sounds like our kind of place.

Peacock Garden Café
2889 McFarlane Rd., Miami

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Last night we went to this beautiful restaurant for the second time. Our first visit about 10 days ago could not have been better. The garden is enchanting, the food great and the service very attentive.

Unfortunately last night the food was not so great, our guest had to send his churasco back to be cooked medium as he ordered it and it was exceedingly tough. He did not eat the steak and was offered a complimentary desert. He really didn't want dessert, he wanted a soft properly cooked churasco. My $18 half chicken was maybe a portion large enough for a three year old but certainly it was not adaquate for any adult. It was an insult. The waiters were not attentive, they stacked dishes on the table, put food down without checking to see if there were utensils on the table, two diffreent times not once. There was no manager in the restaurant and it showed. My phone is 786 423 7323 in case someone wants to contact me.


I had lunch at the Cafe yesterday and the food was delicious, as was the wine we drank. Will definitely return. Sandra Wallace

Adam Larkey
Adam Larkey

My #photo for a great review on the new #Peacock Cafe in Coral Gables...


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