15 Food Statistics That Should Make You Cry

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2 million: Dogs and cats abused and killed by the international fur industry each year that was made from domesticated dogs. Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). (A previous version of this blog item erroneously reported that Burlington Coat Factory was involved in this activity. The reference arose from a 1998 incident in which a supplier erroneously shipped to Burlington merchandise labeled "Mongolian Dog Fur." The firm has nothing to do with abuse of domesticated pets.
Miami New Times regrets the error. )  

24: Number of cats it takes to make a fur coat in China (HSUS).

10 to 12: Number of dogs it takes to make a fur coat in China (HSUS).

75 Percent of cattle in the U.S. that were routinely fed the rendered remains of dead sheep and dead cattle (along with dead cats and dogs) until the practice was stopped in 1997 (Fast Food Nation).

19,000: Land animals slaughtered for food in the U.S. every minute.

10 billion: Land animals slaughtered for food in the U.S. every year.

250 million: Baby male chicks killed or ground up alive each year by the U.S. egg industry because they can't produce eggs and aren't bred to grow speedily like broiler chickens.

40 million: Sharks killed each year by "finning" -- cutting the fin off and dropping the shark back into the ocean so it can sink to the bottom and bleed to death (National Geographic).

24 million: Number of ducks killed each year in France for the production of foie gras (Farm Sanctuary).

200: Known diseases transmitted through food, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

76 million: Estimated illnesses caused by food borne diseases each year in America (CDC).

5,000: Estimated deaths caused by food borne diseases each year in America (CDC).

59.6: Pounds of beef eaten per person annually in America in 2010 (USDA).

164.7: Weight of average American female (CDC).

194.7: Weight of average American male (CDC).

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True waste of time reading this article that really has very little to do with food. Please stop writing crap, Lee.


 The first stat was about dogs and cats, the second was about cats, and the third about dogs. If these are food statistics, one wonders where the author eats.


Another interesting fact... cows are one of the largest producers of greenhouse gasses on the planet. Yes... cow farts are destroying the ozone. They are the cause of "global warming". So I say, kill em and grill em!


What do the first 3 have to do with food?  Seems more of a garment industry stat to me.  I suppose the 4th ties them in but not really and that stopped in '97, 14 years ago.

While it may be "shocking" to hear about the amount of animals killed for human consumption, it's necessary for survival. 

And those lil animals sure do taste good.


I hope these statistics convince you to become a vegetarian, Lee Klein, so that we can stop reading your crap reviews.

By the way, the last time you did an article like this, didn't Frodnesor bust you for copying him.


Except if we didn't kill em and grill em there would be billions of fewer farting cows being raised. The reason cattle gasses have become an environmental issue is that world demand has necessitated an overpopulation of cows. Just saying.

Jose D. Duran
Jose D. Duran

Both are rip-offs of Esquire's "by the numbers" columns... so yea...

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