April 2011 Restaurant Openings and Closings

Chef Allen's
Quite a few restaurant doors opened and closed in April. We had some surprises like the quiet opening of Michelle Bernstein's new cafe/bakery in the atrium of the building across from Sra. Martinez and the arrival of La Sandwicherie to Brickell. In closings, chef Allen Susser closed his namesake Aventura restaurant after 25 years; Vino e Olio abruptly closed its doors when its chef Andrea Menichetti jumped ship; and Sake Blue Asian Kitchen & Bar closed in what seemed like the blink of an eye (the restaurant opened February 1). Here are notable restaurant openings and closings for April (and those not included in our March round-up).

Crumb on Parchment, 3930 NE 2nd Avenue, Design District
La Sandwicherie, 34 SW 8th Street, Miami
Lester's, 2519 NW 2nd Avenue, Wynwood
Lizarran, 65 Alhambra Plaza, Coral Gables
Lou Lou, 638 South Miami Avenue, Miami
The Local Craft Food & Drink, 150 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables
Mint Leaf, 1059/1063 SE 1st Avenue, Miami
Peacock Garden Café, 889 McFarlane Road, Coconut Grove
Pied a Terre, 1701 James Avenue, Miami Beach
Sweet Point Bakery & Café, 3252 NE 1st Ave suite 108 D, Miami

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Michael Wind
Michael Wind

the french bakery in bay harbor islands is closed,why,who,perhaps they did want to give food or money for free in local extortion,it was a great place,who is responsible.....



Some place where Kingdom (Upper Eastside) used to be called "67th something....."

And a new sign where Sea Bar briefly was, called 'Best Friends' or something odd like that.


Wow. Thanks for the heads up. That was a good place.


I included it in last month's round-up. Thank you for pointing it out, though. Lou Lou, which is in this month's openings, is the new restaurant in that space. Same owners.

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