Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Lindsay Lohan Before They Were Famous: Celebrities in Food Commercials

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Lindsay Lohan with freckles and a clean rap sheet.
We all have to start somewhere. Celebrities usually begin with commercials -- mainly because it's easier to shill for a burger joint than the next $500 million action flick.

We're sure many actors thought they'd do one commercial that would never be seen again after their "serious" film career took off, but thanks to the power of the internet these terrible 30 seconds of their early lives will live on forever.

Take a look at some of our favorite celebrities before fame, fortune, makeup artists and rehab turned them into the mega-stars they are today.

Long before her Oscar-nominated role as a hooker with a crush on a washed-up Nicholas Cage (entitled "The Nicholas Cage Story" "Leaving Las Vegas", Elisabeth was the chipper Burger King girl, selling the benefits of flame-broiled goodness.

Before he entered the Matrix, Keanu Reeves entered a cycling competition. What's his diet? It's not steroids like in the Tour de France -- it's Coke.

Brittany Murphy starred in a lot of commercials as a teen, including the Twix commercial as the girl who can do no wrong.

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Bruce as already famous when he did the wine cooloer commercials. He was the star of the TV series "Moonlighting"

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