Burger King Dethrones Creepy Mascot

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The Burger King is out of a job.
recent Miami Herald article reports that Burger King is planning a major overhaul of its image and menu, attempting to appeal to a broader spectrum of people, including women and families.

What's the strategy? Be more like rival McDonald's!

New menu items will include mango smoothies, Asian chicken salads, yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, chicken wraps and a burger on a brioche. If it sounds familiar, it's probably because McDonald's has most of these items on its menu, already.

The King is also planning a major renovation of stores, something that McDonald's is already doing in certain states.

In any event, we're looking forward to seeing less (much less) of that creepy Burger King, like in this commercial where he apparently has a pillow fight in bed with the Village People:

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The only problem that the burger king restraunts have is crappy food across the board.Too bad because if the executives would go back into the archives and remember how the whopper was made in the 60's they couls revive the chain. Insted of quality buns with sesimee seeds of firm white bread, the standard whopper meat patty, crispy lettuce, mayo, ketsup, real onions, pickles and whatever was done back then, they would rise again. Insted you get a soggy pos with a small piece of onion if that, some wilted lettuce, and a shitload of wet toppingson a substandard bun squished into a wrapper. it is unapealing and does not taste like the wopper of old. We went to the BK drive in on SW 8th street I think it was #1 or #2 restraunt and the food was good, worth comming back for. the fries; althow probally were cooked with beef tallow were delisous, the whopper was crisp and looked like a homemade sandwich. Just return that formula and you would be OK.  Now; BK you can send my consulting fee to my house. It used to be worth the ride, but I can not get the smushed really soggy substandard bun with smegma on it they serve now. Yuck


That "king" is creepy. Adios!

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