Emeril's Sunday Brunch at the Loews in Pictures

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Emeril at South Beach Wine & Food.
We're fortunate to have many celebrated chefs in Miami and Miami Beach. Their restaurants are either hip and trendy or huge and opulent - and sure, sometimes both. But, arguably, the most well-known chef operating in the Magic City is Emeril Lagasse.

Sure, he isn't always technically at the restaurant, I mean how could he be? The man operates an empire that includes Emeril's Miami Beach.

We recently had the should-really-be-illegal pleasure of being invited to experience Emeril's brunch.Every single dish was flawless, as was the service, and the view from the balcony is stunning. With no further ado, some food porn:
black bean soup ED RZ.jpg
Vimary Valdes
Seasonal soup du jour: Black bean soup
The brunch menu consists of three courses, starters, soups, & salads, brunch plates, and brunch desserts. You have several selections for each course. Two of the starter options are the seasonal soup and gumbo of the day. The black bean soup pictured above brought homemade tortilla strips and homemade sour cream as well as some shredded roasted pork.

gumbo 2 RZ ED RX.jpg
Ily Goyanes
Gumbo of the day: Chicken and andouille sausage
eggs benedict ED RZ DIAG .jpg
Vimary Valdes
Second course: Emeril's Eggs Benedict
The eggs Benedict consists of cured ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise, but all three ingredients are layered on top of the most amazing smoked cheddar-onion biscuit.

steak 1 ED RZ.jpg
Ily Goyanes
Sirloin steak & eggs
Also a second course option, the steak and eggs come with roasted potatoes, bérnaise, and fresh salad.

bananas foster ED RZ 22.jpg
Vimary Valdes
Bananas Fosters crepe
From the brunch desserts menu, you have your choice of Florida key lime pie, a trio of house spun ice cream or sorbets with fresh berries, and the two we ordered -- hot and sticky glazed beignets and bananas Fosters crepe.

The crepe is served warm with a caramel sauce and sweet chantilly cream and loaded with bananas.

beignets ed rz 22.jpg
Vimary Valdes
Hot & Sticky glazed beignets
In true New Orleans tradition, and because we love the beignets from the Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street in the French Quarter, we ordered the hot and sticky glazed beignets, They are served with fresh berries and a chocolate dipping sauce made with chocolate ganache and semi-sweet Belgian chocolate.

Apart from the delectable three course menu items, you will most likely be served bread service (coffee cake and corn muffins). You can also add cheddar onion biscuits (sinfully good), applewood smoked bacon (thick cut and plentiful), and fresh fruit with a macadamia biscotti for $6 each. The fruit is marinated in a Charles Lafitte champagne and tastes as if each piece was handpicked by God. We highly suggest it.

Emeril's Miami Beach (1601 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) serves Sunday brunch from 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Brunch costs $36 per person, not including tax and gratuity.

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The difference between this story and other stories in short order is the pictures. These pictures look like from a food magazine. Let me put it this way; I'm taking my mom to Emril's this weekend; that's how good these pictures look. 


My Lord, these pictures look good! Wonderful, wonderful, photos. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  Please continue the food porn!

Jhonny Seafood
Jhonny Seafood

the hollandaise in the benedict picture looks broken!

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