Havana Spice Cafe: A $19 Steak and Good-bye Hangover

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John Zur
Havana Spice Cafe's cure for the common hangover: pan con bistec.
You know the feeling. You wake up dehydrated from the inside out, disoriented, and.... hungry. You need of a hearty meal and strong cup of coffee to knock last night's alcohol intake out of your system.

You're in luck. Located off US-1, near Dadeland, Havana Spice Cafe is open for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings beginning at 9 a.m.

On the breakfast menu, served from opening until 1 p.m., the huevos con bistec includes homefries and two hearty, pre-buttered pieces of toasted Cuban bread (served with pre-packaged jelly). You have a choice between: 4 oz. palomilla ($9.99), 8 oz. palomilla ($12.99), 7 oz. churrasco ($13.99), and 12 oz. churrasco ($18.99). I chose the 4 oz. palomilla with two eggs over easy, as suggested by our friendly server who was prompt and brought extra napkins to the table without us asking. You can add cheese ($.99), substitute home fries with French fries ($.99), or substitute egg whites ($1.99).

It wasn't a thick steak, as the 4 oz. might suggest, but it was tender. The over easy eggs were nice and runny. The "home fries," as described on the menu, are actually well-seasoned, roasted potatoes: a welcome surprise.

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John Zur
Cafe con leche: you control your espresso intake.
With the steak and eggs plate, a cafe con leche (regular $1.99, medium $2.89, large $3.79) was ordered. It came out with piping hot steamed milk in a coffee cup, and espresso brought in a tiny silver pot. Havana Spice Cafe also offers decaf espresso, but who wants that?!

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John Zur
The tres leches with cherry on top.
This detox delight was topped off with a tres leches ($3.99), which is a moist sponge cake made with three milks (whole milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk), chilled, and served with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

When you're coming out of your night of intoxicated escapades, you want a relaxing, Sunday morning atmosphere without screaming kids, lines out the door, strollers, or overpriced food. Havana Spice Cafe is that place.

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Sum Fat Guy
Sum Fat Guy

I've lived in Miami 40 years, this place has the best Cuban food hands down!  Costs a couple bucks more than most Cuban restaurants but worth every penny.  Always fresh, and never will you have tostones this good.

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