Il Corso Trattoria Opens in Coral Gables, Brings Chef LeRoy Bautista

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Il Corso Trattoria, a restaurant promising to bring authentic Italian cuisine to the Gables, recently opened for lunch and dinner. Trattoria is headed by Executive Chef LeRoy Bautista (previously of the nearby Angelique Euro Cafe) and is located in the former Archie's Pizza space (166 Giralda Avenue). The restaurant is owned by Geovanna Accetta and Yamil Yordi.

What's on the menu? Bautista has brought along several signature dishes from his time at Angelique and fused them with some Italian classics. Bautista's pasta carbonara, oven-fired, Napotilana-style pizzas and dishes like polleto al forno (brick-oven roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, and caramelized sweet onions) are some of the menu highlights. The new space sits up to 75 guests, boasts an extensive wine list, and hopes to offer guests rustic charm. II Corso Tattoria also provides complimentary WiFi for the working-through-lunch crowd.

Despite Chef LeRoy's departure, Angelique's menu won't change. "Chef LeRoy did not tell us where he was going upon his departure," says Angelique owner Carlos Rossi, "but he is extremely talented and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

Il Corso Tattorie
166 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables

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I had a great time! Raviolli stuffed with mushroons were realy delicious and tiramissu just gorgeous.   

chris ech;)
chris ech;)

Chef LeRoy is awesome and very professional.. As a former employee at Il corso I can say that his food is the Bomb!! I wish i could say this about mgmt and service.. I'm ten years deep in hospitality industry and the ppl that work there have no clue of what Ladies and Gentlemen taking care of Ladies and Gentlemen means... Plus they don't pay their employees for training and withhold wages from pay checks... shame on you il corso


There is nothing authentic about this restaurant. Its more of a South or Central American from Italian roots restaurant. The sauce on my Raviolis just didn't taste Italian, there were no Italian deserts but typical Hispanic ones except Key Lime Pie, the waiters wouldn't speak English for us, and finally, the music. The performers played a few classic Brazilian tunes that are always pleasant in restaurants, but other than that, the girl was singing in Spanish. She also signed off in Spanish. I lived in new York and ate in many authentic Italian restaurants. Dade county has many fine and authentic Italian restaurants. this sure isn't one of them. Will never return.


Authentic Italian:Pasta carbonara is from LazioNapolitana-style pizza is from, well, NaplesPoletto (two "t's") al forno sounds TuscanSo it's basically an authentic mishmash of Italian dishes that you can find at countless restaurants in the Gables.  What makes this different?

Sad to see the chef left Angelique.  That place is definitely unique in the otherwise mess that is Gables chain and fake Italian.

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