Sara's in North Miami Closed

I'm late to the game here because Yelp has already announced the closure, but I want to write a quick requiem for Sara's, the kosher/vegetarian restaurant on NE 123rd Street in North Miami. I called today and the phone is disconnected and the website is gone.

The place had the weirdest clientele of any restaurant I have ever frequented. It was composed not only of Jews of both liberal and conservative varieties, but wacky vegetarians and working stiffs who just didn't want to eat a lot of meat.

When I moved to Miami in the early '90s, it was a bustling joint where I loved to bring friends. Sure the parking lot was kind of ugly, but the restaurant had a nice airy feel. I learned to love Israeli salads there, too. Grape leaves were first rate and the hummus and fresh veggie fare was delightful.

Later, they served pizza that was the talk of the neighborhood.

It was closed Saturdays for the Jewish Sabbath, but Sunday brunch was always warm and friendly there, too. Often, after a long run down the 123rd Street Causeway and out to the beach, it was pleasant way station, too.

Sara's, I'll miss ya.

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Location Info

Sara's Vegetarian Cafe - CLOSED

2214 NE 123rd St., North Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Anthony Baxter
Anthony Baxter

I remember frequenting this joint years ago when my uncle had a vacation home in Keystone Point. The food wasn't the best, but it's location was convenient. The variety of clientele did steal the show, unfortunately. Btw, Eleanor, I cannot wait to become a Wok Star alumni. I've heard many-many great things. Alas, my work/school schedule has become out of control. One day I'll be lucky enough to go.


I've not eaten there in years and never wanted to except friends who brought me there. Their "signature" chicken was dry and tasteless, sticks to the roof of your mouth. Terrible salads! Chuck, I think you need to come to my Wok Star class.


Thx Anthony. Sorry to hear you're so busy, hope you can make it one day soon. 


Eleanor, way to be bad at being a human. The place was in business for 33 years by the same people who opened it on day one, and all you can do is shamelessly promote your own thing. Like I said, way to suck at humaness


Sam, if folks knew how to cook for themselves, they'd realize the difference between 'good' food vs 'bad' food and it's not that hard. Sorry you took it the wrong way.

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