Beautiful Girls and Drinks: The Rum Renaissance Festival in Pictures

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All photos by Laine Doss
Giselle and Lizette - Captain Morgan in the house!
View more photos from Miami Rum Renaissance Festival 2011 here.

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival yesterday ended its weeklong celebration of the spirit of the Caribbean. The fest featured seminars, rum contests, parties, and entertainment, but the highlight was the Grand Rum Tasting at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach.

Aficionados sampled 100 different rums, and manufacturers wooed event-goers via exotic drinks, promotional goodies, and busty promotional models.

The rums offered ranged from light and fruity (Cruzan coconut rum) to dark and sophisticated (Dos Maderas 5+5 ten-year aged rum). There were fruit-flavored rums, light rums, spiced rums, rums made from sugar cane, and rums made from molasses. Rums were aged in bourbon casks and had distilleries on the beach. Rum, in other words, is more than one of the ingredients in a mojito.

So the next time you pour a rum and Coke, leave out the Coke. Because rum deserves a little respect, and real pirates don't use mixers.

Marion and Gyvania love Chairman's Reserve spiced rum.
The many shades of Mount Gay rum.
Hardcore pirates and zombie lovers need special drinkware. Talk about a porcelain god!
Valentina from Flor de Caña invites you to have a Flor-gasm.
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Deauville Resort

6701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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