Bacardi Reintroduces Hatuey Beer With Real Housewives of Miami (Photos)

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All photos by Laine Doss
When Hatuey beer was first brewed in Santiago de Cuba (birthplace of Desi Arnaz) long before the 1959 revolution, it was delivered with a block of ice to keep it crisp and cold in the tropical heat.

The brew was named after a famous Taino Indian who in 1511 tried to warn the inhabitants of Cuba the Spanish were about to invade, is poised to make a massive comeback with the help of spirits giant Bacardi.

Bacardi held a party last week at De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean in South Beach to give invited guests, including Real Housewives of Miami cast members Alexia Echevarria and Cristy Rice, a first taste. Chef Douglas Rodriguez served a menu of Cuban-inspired dishes like whole roast pig, frita sliders and domino cakes.

bacardi girls.jpg
Hatuey Girls distribute Hatuey goodie buckets.
bacardi alexia.jpg
Real Housewives of Miami castmember Alexia Echevarria.
bacardi cristy.jpg
Does Real Housewives of Miami's Cristy Rice realize the woman behind her is wearing a shockingly similar dress?
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De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean

101 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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You are THE gat-about-town aren't you Ms. Doss?  Like the article.


Laine should be on Real Housewives Miami.  Huzzahhhhhh


Hey Laine.

Great photos and recap. I'm kicking myself for not getting the Hatuey Girls to pose for one of my own. I thought you might also appreciate my recap and other photos from the relaunch.

How did you like the beer?

Oh, and did you see Jon Secada was there? I have a photo if you'd like to use it.


Short Order
Short Order

Thank you. Where there's food or beer....I'm near.

Short Order
Short Order

I would totally rock that job. Know one of the casting directors? They need a food blogger on that show.

Short Order
Short Order

No I didn't see Jon Secada and would have loved to.

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