Eden Still Open Despite Alleged Website Sabotage and Management Departure

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Eden chef Christopher Lee still bullish on the bistro
Eden, the bistro that opened in the former Talula space on 23rd Street in South Beach, has been the target of a lot of rumor mongering lately.

Back in May, we got word of possible trouble. Police and an angry vendor were spotted there. At the time, Chef Christopher Lee assured us Eden was in business, "Eden is absolutely not closing. We have been and remain committed to providing an exceptional dining experience for our guests."

As to the vendor and police issues, Chef Lee told us that the police presence stemmed from an ongoing dispute between the restaurant and Vendor Freshpoint, which is currently pending in court. He added that "Eden will continue to be open for business throughout this dispute and beyond."

Yesterday, rumors started again, fueled because the website was down -- owner Larry Rizzo claims it was perhaps sabotage -- and a telephone that went unanswered. Indeed a manager from the place left for another restaurant, Tudor House, hinting again at an ugly turn of events.

But owner Rizzo returned a call from Short Order and claimed all is well. He told us that Eden is, in fact, open with no plans of closing. In a follow up text, Rizzo stated, "Please stop by if you're able, to obviously witness for yourself that we are definitely open for business and ironically, after a difficult May, have had our best couple weeks since early April."

Tonight, incidentally, the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce is holding its monthly pillar event at Eden. About 150 chamber pillar members will network, eat and drink at Eden from 6 to 8 p.m.

We plan on taking Rizzo up on his offer tonight and report back tomorrow.

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Eden South Beach - CLOSED

210 23rd St., Miami Beach, FL

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How about you try stopping in when there ISN'T an event going on.  Obviously they are going to be open for a 150 person event.  How about a Tuesday night?

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